This fine group of righteous, upstanding Americans have time and time again driven draino into the pipes of the Internets, choking this liberal plague, and forcing it to submit to the mainstream of America's guts. These shining examples gave aid to "The Greatest President" in 2000 and 2004, when the opposing party of liberal thinkeologists attempted to hi-jack the electorate system by clogging the physical tubes of the internets with used tissues and the remains of burnt braziers, and thus, sabotauging the newest line of worry-free touch voting machines The Interweb Hackers League sprang into action, outflanking the brainy tactics of these liberazis, by unsticking the tubes, with their plucky mixture of truth and gravitas.

Trustiness Edit

Most Americans are deathly afraid of what these industrious do gooders are capable of. Some question the validity of these largely unapprehendable vigilante's work. It is not for us to question or doubt the labors of these folks, only to accept them for what they truly are, absentee squatters, in the service of the one Good Lord.

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