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International Labor Unions has earned

The 3 Basic Rights of UnionsEdit

1. The Right to OrganizeEdit

Some people who don't know their place in society believe communist lies that they can improve their lot in life by organizing with other workers to form a union. Fortunately, that usually means a person would have to convince half of her illiterate co-workers to sign union cards. By underfunding public education, the heros of freedom, maintain that children are not infected with knowledge from books, let alone become educated about labor law and labor rights.

The United States remains one of the freest nations on Earth with a unionized workforce of around 10%; Godless communist countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom may range to three times that number.

2. The Right to StrikeEdit

Otherwise known as terrorist attacks against corporations, strikes may shut down an industry until communists get what the bears tell them to get. Strikes are unAmerican, so the best way to get rid of them is for heros to remove a union's right to collective bargaining, see below...

3. The Right to Collective BargainingEdit

Unions claim that when workers have a say in management, work conditions improve. They spread lies that when workers get to determine their holidays, work schedules and benefits that wages go up and worker health improves. This is yet another lie put out there by communists who believe that they know better than owners and managers in how to run a company. If they love communism so much why don't they just insist that all collective bargaining be done in red commie Chinese. Come to think of it, how many unions would be able to negotiate in Chinese? Maybe that's a good idea.

Sometimes, freedom fighters such as the liberal governments of British Columbia, North Carolina, Missouri, suspend a union's right to collective bargaining, especially those of whiny teachers. This is known as justice.

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