Intelligence Oversight Board
is part of the United States Federal Government.
Don't ask; asking only helps the terrorists.

Founded by Ronald Reagan, the Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB) was created to identify intelligence abuses after the CIA scandals of the Carter Administration.


Members of the IOB are usually drawn from the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (FIAB), which advises the President on American intelligence policy and performance. Members are all civilian and not employees of the government. In their capacity of overseers, they get to see all kinds of juicy stuff. Everything they investigate and all their reports are classified "Treated as Secret/SCI".

The members of The Greatest Intelligence Oversight Board Ever are:

  • Stephen Friedman (former Bush economic adviser[1])
  • Don Evans (a friend of the president and a former commerce secretary)
  • former Admiral David Jeremiah[2]
  • lawyer Arthur B. Culvahouse (White House counsel to Ronald Reagan[3])

The Greatest Intelligence Successes Ever!Edit

During the first five and a half years of The Greatest Administration Ever, not one single report of illegal activity had been submitted to the Attorney General's office from the IOB[4], thus proving the effectiveness of the PATRIOT Act and all subsequent actions taken by The Greatest President Ever to protect America from all enemies foreign or terrorist.


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Until recently, the board had not told the attorney general about any wrongdoing. "The Attorney General has no record of receiving reports from the IOB regarding intelligence activities alleged to be potentially unlawful or contrary to Executive Order or Presidential directive," the Justice Department told the House Judiciary Committee in a May 9 letter.

Separately, Gonzales wrote Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member, Arlen Specter, that there had been no verified civil liberties abuses during the first three years of the efforts against terrorism.

Gonzales wrote that he did not consider the conduct in the reports he did receive to be abuses because the violations involved mistakes, not deliberate misconduct. "My testimony was completely truthful, and I stand by that testimony," he wrote.

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