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Instant noodles are dried pre-packaged noodles that require water and heat for an instant, tasty meal


some noodles with chunks of what I presume is baby meat

History Edit

The Japanese (maybe Chinese, but there really isn't a difference) are a very efficient people. They invent tiny electronic machines and really creative conveniences for modern life.

One day a ninja, samurai or sumo wrestler was hungry while working out in the rice paddies or as a geisha (whatever they do over there) and realized how wonderful it must be to live in America and while inspired by that vision invented noodles that could be eaten after being soaked in hot water.

Eventually some greedy bastard decided to add other stuff to it, but since they don't have the bounty that America has, they used vegetables and tiny bits of stray dogs and cats to complete their "Happy Fun-Time America Dream Soup!" (instant noodles original name).

Variant Names Edit

Instant Ramen- the name stems from the joke that the raw noodles look like a pile of men's intestines. They also couldn't spell.

Top Ramen- It's usually on the top shelf in the noodle aisle.

Cup-o'-noodles- speaks for itself

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