Be careful when reading
as it might have something to do with thinking...

Stephen demonstrating infinity

Unless you are Stephen Colbert, infinity is an imaginary concept of endless information. In actuality, because infinity has no set value, it makes no more sense in mathematic terms than negative infinity does; thus, three plus infinity makes about as much sense as three minus infinity.

As such, unless you are Stephen Colbert who has counted to infinity twice, it is a fairly useless concept and you might as well just substitute it for "negative" infinity, which is actually about his mood and not mathmatics.


Stephen Colbert Invented infinity when he tried to explain his net worth to Donald Trump. Enraged at this claim Trump invented Anti-Infinity as a counter measure but the effects were self-depleating, just like Donald's hair.

Inifinity TodayEdit

Currently, Stephen uses Infinity for several reason. Which some people may consider choatic or not.

Infinity as TeacherEdit

Wikiatlity is not Infinity but is ripe with Infinite Potential or possibilities because it is so heavy with Truthiness. Verily, Infinity is a tool of Truthiness, because Truthiness is not constrained by Fact. The Second Law of Thermodynamics states quantifiable energy or matter will eventually fizzle out, energy and matter are the things that create Fact. But Truthiness comes from the Gut or Feelings and needs no replenishing from quantifiable sources. Immortality will eventually come from humanity harnessing the power that comes from the Primal Gut.

Infinity is FiniteEdit

By defining infinity, it becomes finite.

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