High level CIA operatives who infiltrate "peaceful" civil rights organizations are heroes to this great and diverse land of ours. These anonymous beacons of freedom have brought down some of the largest civil liberties gatherings in the country. These "civillains" have tried too many times to advance their minimalist causes. I say, if you want something in this country, by Joe, you take it. We can't build a strong nation without the people on the ground who are willing to get their hands bloody to get what they want done. And these infiltrators guard our country against something much more dangerous than a few lost rights, they protect us from weakness. By being the people's advocates, these heroes protect us from flip floppity leadership, liberals that would tell us we can think or negotiate our problems away, and would keep lady liberty from breathing freely under a blanket of cast iron sub-commitees.

Keep smiling and don't make any sudden movements.
By watching you, we're protecting you.

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