IncanDecent Light is light produced by IncanDecent bulbs. Light produced by any other type of bulb is considered to be "Indecent" in the Eyes of God.

History of Incandecent LightingEdit

Incandecent light bulbs were invented by the Great American Thomas Edison after The Baby Jesus told Benjamin Franklin to discover Electricity.

Spiral Light

Satanic Compact Fagessence light bulbs. Your values spiral downward just by looking at them.

The War on Incandecent LightEdit

The liberals declared war on Incandecent light by introducing "Compact Fagessence" light bulbs. These light bulbs are designed using a downward spiral, which is a Satanic plot to suck in American values. The liberal media reports that Compact Fagessence light bulbs use 50% less energy than Incandecent bulbs; what they fail to mention is that if these bulbs are not properly disposed of and are smashed to bits when they burn out, they release mercury vapor, which is harmful to the environment. The liberals do not mention this because improper disposal of Compact Fagessence bulbs is a key part of their plan to validate Al Gore's myth of Global Warming.

Bulbpocalypse: The Darkeness is Here!Edit

With the coming of the end of the Incadecent lightbulb to be replaced with their "liberal hippie friendly" bulb, many patriotic Americans have refused to accept the new changes. Many are even betting that they will make a fortune selling illegal bulbs when it happens, I already bought an entire warehouse full of these golden bulbs.

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Energy Efficiency

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