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Mexican (plural-Mexicans) are employees or indentured servants who were born in Mexico.

They are typically brown skinned, but sometimes appear like hard working Americans. Chalupas are a chief staple in their diet. They also enjoy low riders, mariachi music, and letting small mean dogs jump on everyone's children. For the most part, they roam mostly in the south-western states of the U.S. illegally, while selling drugs, children, dogs, tacos, and themselves. For housing they occupy their local jails when they aren't taking from social services. "Mexicans" are also known to be anybody from south of Texas.


What he doesn't know is that Steven has a grizzly bear waiting for him on the other side

Some Presumed MexicansEdit

  • Esteban Colberto, award-winning host of Colberto Reporto Gigante.
  • Consuela - Stephen's housekeeper
  • Jorge - Stephen's gardener
  • Louis - Stephen's driver
  • Luis - Stephen's Nicaraguan bookie
  • Miguel - The guy who stands in Stephen's parking space untill he gets there
  • Maria - Stephen's children's babysitter
  • Carlos - Stephen's food-tester
  • Juan - carries a hose around, always spraying Stephen on purposeEpisode #391
  • Atenea del Sol's team of Crack Lawyers
  • Anyone dumb enough to want to live in America without learning English. ("Is the baby allergic to penicillin?...what do ya mean "No Ingles."?!)
  • Retarded Mexicans or they look likes Mexicans

Leisure-time Activities Popular With MexicansEdit

Educational VideoEdit

Dog bite03:09

Dog bite

Jobs Stolen By Mexicans Who've Run Over The BorderEdit

Problem to PonderEdit


Graphic of Mexican money
trying to sneak our financial borders

Many liburals have pointed out that white fureigners (Russian and Eastern Europeans criminals) are harming our Glorious land by abusing their white privilege God given rights. Their criminal activities (comprised of prostitution, drug trafficking and sales, and other black market activities) are by comparison a hundred times worst if you consider what brown illegals do illegally: strawberry picking, gardening, babysitting, cleaning, dish washing, house chores, and construction working without being American (aka Jub Stealing). Liburals are accusing the media for not shining a light on hardcore criminal activities and instead they shift their focus on illegal brown people doing menial jubs that no one wants.

The answer is simple, brown people are nothing like us, while white fureigners earned our trust by being the right color: "green". You see, these so called "criminal activities" are very helpful to our economy. One Russian mobster employs thousands of criminals (including bitches, pimps, gun runners, and mules) that are part of the trickle-down economy. They offer lucrative contracts to their employees (their retirement packages are very generous, you get a free pine box for your burial even if you have a pre-exiting bullet). Meanwhile brown illegals are offering nothing to our community, they are parasites.

Not yours)-1-

Here is a good thing to show Mexican children from a very early age..

The black market is actually a fertile ground for entrepreneurship for former communists to help them start a good business. You have to forgive them, these former residents of the land of Communism are just trying to learn the wonders of Capitalism, and isnt what Capitalism is all about? Besides the matter of illegality, aren't both systems the same? Our current housing market and the Mortgage Industry has taught me that our banks are no different from the local loanshark (except the loanshark will actually read the document and be familiar with the documentation process and any other financial matters)[1]. The free market and the black market could help us unite and build a better world without brown people.

Unless the brown people we are talking about are part of a drug cartel, in that case they are welcome (they are just going to steal jubs from the Russians and the Eastern European criminals).

Brown people cannot be citizens, they lack that American spirit that makes America great.

Labor and EconomyEdit

Illegal Migrants in Italian Poverty Trap02:13

Illegal Migrants in Italian Poverty Trap

African-Mexicans now stealing jubs from Real Americans!

There is still no correlation between illegal Mexicans and America's economy. Many people say that we need these Mexican's to sustain our demand for cheap labor to sustain our economy but there is no evidence. Once America is 100% Mexican free we do not predict any dangerous consequences to our economy.


  1. They offer wonderful internship programs.

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Illegal TubesEdit

Dey Took 'oor Joobs!!!

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