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"Ice 9"
is an Official "Lover of Immoral Bears" (LiB) Site™

Ice #9 supports Obama

Ice 9, not to be confused with Mambo #5 - the irresistably irresistable, groundbreaking, internationally renowned, smash-hit, dance sensation, blow-out, legendary pop/merengue hybrid extravaganza by known hispanic Lou Bega; who is not to be confused with Lou Vega, offensive lineman/defensive lineman for the Fort Wayne Fusion of the af2; who is no to be confused with Vega from Streetfighter II; is a high-ranking polar bear terrorist. Posessesing the tenacity, cunning, tenacious cunningness, cunning tenacifility, cunnalingtacity, and bear-like abilities second only to that of Colbear, he is a true force to be reckoned with. Much like the force from Star Wars. Or the force in which Star Wars nerds edit every page in Wikiality so that they all tend to include something about Star Wars.


Indesputatble proof of an evil agenda, here we see Ice 9 washing down the remnants of several white Christian children after devouring them in a fit of carnalistic homosexual rage.


Ice 9's characteristical unpredictably makes him a dangerous and tricky lot to be delt with; even to Las Vegas's own most seasoned and accomplished veteran dealers. Though he has been known to wear fur (a known bane to democrats, communists and Hate America Firsters) on at least one recorded occasion, it is alleged to be a natural fur that grows from his body (much as democrats, communists, Hate America Firsters and the lesser sects of humanity grew asexually from reptillian eggs believed to originate on an earthen sub-level between Hell and the Los Angeles sewer system) thus indicating he parades himself around as a liberalor anti-Americannudist.

Sexual OrientationEdit

Like most gay polar bears, Ice 9 is a homosexual. Not surprisingly, he has been recorded as the gayest polar bear ever in existence; registering in at a whopping average of 245% gayer than the average bear. His gayness does not come easy however, long are his hours spent dedicated to baking snickerdoodles, hand-embroidered table decor, celebrity scrapbooks, juxtaposing vintage fashion ensembles with a uniquely boisterous conteporary flair, and crying over Bette Midler movies.

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