Ian Bogost
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

Ian is not a propagandist

One of the few non-propagandist guests Dr. Colbert has invited to The Eagle's Nest, Ian Bogost is the author of Persuasive Games, which merely describes how others have used the media of videogames to persuade the masses.

Mr. Bogost appeared for his nailing on August 7, 2007.



video games make people more compassionate

works on the internets


video games

wrote a book

using models of things and how they work (and complexity, not simplicity)

only one type of game, the ones 13 year old boys play


designed to explore issues

Oil God (game)

role-playing game

Mr. Bogost believes that by limiting the amount and the type of simplified information used to create a "model" for a video game, players can learn about the complexity of any given social or political construct.

In a similar way that the photo of him was used for this article.

Also, Ian says playing these types of video games make people more compassionate, not passive, like some people say.

C'est la vie.

sympathizing with oil ceo

games are supposed to be fun and entertaining

grand theft auto

teaches about obesity

working on a game about the politics of nutrition

not just nerdy, but wonky nerdy

claims games can help people understand complexity (not)

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