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I Fixed It! is a segment of The Colbert Report in which Stephen discusses problems that have been solved thanks to his mentioning of them on the air.

Things Stephen Has FixedEdit

  • PROBLEM: Canada's Socialist government
    • STEPHEN'S INTERVENTION: The Colbert Report began airing in Canada on November 7, 2005
      • SOLUTION: Truthiness' balls rubbed all over Canada, and resulted in the election of conservative Stephen Harper less than three months later.
  • PROBLEM: A Jewish rabbi asked that a menorah be added to a display of nine Christmas Trees at Sea-Tac Airport. Airport officials removed the Christmas Trees instead.
    • STEPHEN'S INTERVENTION: Told the rabbi to light the 9 trees on fire and make a menorah out of that. (12-11-2006)
      • SOLUTION: Christmas Trees reinstalled at Sea-Tac Airport. (12-13-2006)

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