When Stephen announces something before it happens or anyone knows it will happen, and it then comes to pass, Stephen is able to declare I Called It. This does not make Stephen psychic, because (like Filipinos) there is no mention of psychics in the Bible, therefore they don't exist. Even if they did, it would be Un-American to try to read God's plan, like a jerk trying to read your newspaper over your shoulder on a bus.

Geez, that's ubnelievable. Kudos and such. Geez, that's ubnelievable. Kudos and such.

Special 'I Called It! Edition': "I Deified It!"Edit

The Divinity of Raj PatelEdit

To further prove Stephen's Divine origins we have evidence that The Colbert Bump is capable of turning a simple mortal into a god! Back in January 12, 2010 Raj Patel a simple nobody mortal was given divine powers thanks to the Colbert Bump, thus Deifying him alongside Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed. Now everyone knows the name Raj Patel! Blessings be upon Stephen!

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