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After looking it over, none other than Stephen Colbert declared it:


From the "My Wife Times Picayune", calls it:

"The "must-support-my-husband" book of the fall!"

Please add your review below...

Reviews From The HeroesEdit


I have not read Dr. Colbert's book but I saw it on TV.

I remember the night of it's release.

Stephen had his hands wrapped tightly around it.

I watched as it slowly, seductively, sank deep into Stephen's book shelf to a thrilling crowd count down.

It's hard back tightly sheathed in slippery shinny blue cover that held firm against Stephen's hard pressure.

Finally, snugly, it came to rest.

Breathlessly I waited.

Stephen said, "Good night".

I recommend looking at the cover of this book at least once to all my Friends. Timm


I own two copies of this book. Both are, unfortunately, Chinese bootlegs. As a result, I lack the first edition Ribbon that would serve as a bookmark, instead. So now I bookmark one copy with the other, and that copy with a twenty dollar bill. (Stephen, I'm still waiting for word on those aces!) ~ Ajna Anahata Sahasarara III

Another FeelerEdit

How relevant. I didn't even get/try to read the book. I just ate it. Tasted good to me. : ) -- 07:39, 23 March 2008 (UTC)


I have not yet read the book (I can't find anywhere that sells it, because all nearby bookstores are communist terrorist America-haters.) but I know it is pure unadulterated win because Stephen Colbert wrote it.

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