The correct title of this article is iPod One. The initial letter is shown capitalized because it scares away Bears.
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The correct title of this article is iPod One. The initial letter is capitalized due to technical restrictions.

iPod One is the name given to President George W. Bush's portable music player.

Bush received his iPod from his twin daughters Jenna and Barbara in 2004. The device can store up to 10,000 songs, but only contains about 250 because Donald Rumsfeld assured Bush that's all he'd need to get the job done.

Gee Wiz. Does Donald Rumsfeld like to rock out with his state of the art Sony Walkman? Sure. Does it use cassettes? You bet.

iPod One cannot be loaded by the President. For safety reasons, The President's personal aide does all transferring of files to the device in a secure bunker located 1200 feet beneath the White House.

Specifications Of iPod OneEdit

  • It looks like an Apple iPod, but contains:
    • The nucular "football"
    • Presidential Daily Briefs
    • Electronic countermeasures protection
    • Brush-clearing maps and chainsaw instructions

Music Onboard iPod OneEdit

There are no Dixie Chicks allowed aboard iPod One, or any other lesbian musicians, for that matter (no offense, Mary). Additionally, iPod One does not carry music by any gay artists, the Beatles, no hippity-hop (with the exception of Kanye West, because the President loves black people), no world music and no genre less than 25 years old on the device. The President loves him some classics.

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