An Ode To Stephen ColbertEdit

Waste of time

This one sat still for the stamping.

How does one repair
a broken Insanibear,
its former roar
now little more
than a

Hoot, indeed,
as the owl might have said,
though we needn't concern
ourselves with him,
for he,
like these many pathetic rhymes,
is a waste of time.

Now, why, ask you,
might a bear issue a
For he is
Ask any countryman
(not Canadian),
he'll say,
The godless killing machines
need no explanations.

How should the terribly mighty
meet such disrepair?
Only at the hands
of beloved

But why think to repair
a broken Insanibear?
Would it not suffice
to enjoy its despair?

For the small-minded,

I find myself as
of a different sort,
one which, given our
downtrodden foe,
might grant him
freshest life aglow—

But let's be brief:
a life renewed
is as quickly, shall we say,
And so
we repair the Insanibear,
our foe,
that we might
break him again.

Celebrity Bear AttacksEdit

Jackie and Dewie

Flint Tropics star Jackie Moon is blissfully unaware of the nightmare that lies ahead.


Even Mickie James, the Giant Killer herself, is no match for this Insanibear.

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