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Hey, where the hell is
I don't care, it's not America...hey nice ass, lady!
MikesOpenQuoteHungary? Why wait?MikesCloseQuote
~ Bela Bartok, Hungarian Composer and self-declared "Snickers man"
Nikola Zrinski

Miklós Zrínyi, 17th C. Hungarian statesman, poet, híd cheater, and apparently his own grandson.

Hungaria is a beautiful, cool nation in the heart of Europe, with a population of around ten million people - seventeen million of whom have balls. The capital of Hungaria is Budapest, which will soon be home to the Stephen Colbert Híd, a national monument estimated to increase tourism in that country by fifty thousand percent.[1]

Hungaria's Historia Edit


St. Stephen, the glorious first King of Hungaria.

The Hunnish YearsEdit

Marauding bands of nomads, led by Attila the Hun, storm the steppes of central Europe! (Film at Eleven!)

The Glorious Story of Stephen IEdit

Right around 1000 years ago or so, Hungaria reached a golden zenith, as Stephen the First became the first King, Stephen of Hungaria. Later, he also became a Saint, whom they called Saint Stephen, as they weren't too creative in the naming department.[2] After Saint/King Stephen died, they kept his small, withered, mummified right hand in a light-up box so that people could put a 25 forint piece in and pray to it in a church. But this section is for the glorious historical parts, and the creepy part about the light-up hand box won't come for almost a millennium.

The Middle PartsEdit

Hungaria invents and cures the bubonic plague, which kills billions of people as it spreads across Europe through a series of prostitubes. Hungaria also invents, but does not cure, the vampire in the part of their country known as Transylvania. (They will later lose Transylvania in a bitter custody dispute with Romania after World War the Second. Hungaria still gets the better end of this deal, though, because Romania ends up stuck with a bunch of Romanians).

25px-DramaticExclamationPoi All You Need To Know...

Hungary is Europe's Kentucky

After the Middle Ages, but before the newer parts that were almost now, Hungaria was swallowed up by the Holy Roman Empire, which was neither Holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire, nor could it swallow. But Hungaria was a major part of it. That lasted a really long time.

The Almost-Modern TimesEdit

Archduke Franz Ferdinand starts World War I
While visiting Sarajevo, which was in Yugoslavia, but now is in Serbia, but when Franz was there it was maybe part of Austro-Hungaria or something? Anyway, this is part of the reason why someone shot him, because they were tired of the whole Austria-Hungarish power share thing.

This is proof positive that the world is safer when there's only one superpower, with a single name that's easy to remember: America.

Budapest streetsign 1994

Budapest street sign, mid-1990's. "Marx Square" is replaced by "West Square." In your face, commies!

The Worst of Times
In World War II, Hungaria was on the bad side, and then it got split off from Austria as a punishment and/or reward.

The Even More Worst of Times
Then the worst thing in the whole history of Hungaria's history happened, because the Russians took over Hungaria for the dark and joyless years of the Cold War Era. Hungarians were forced into a brutal life of Communist Eastern European communism, where they suffered the humiliating fate of being mostly ignored except for when their Olympics teams did well or when some minor Hungarian celebrity defected or died.


This country is a member of the European Union, the NATO, The Coalition of the Willing, and the New Europe.[3] They are the proud home of the Stephen Colbert Bridge and many McDonalds. There are many shopping malls, and traditional Hungarian culture is rapidly fading with the much more appealing and worthwhile entry of Gap Stores and J.Crew. Democracy and Capitalism really do work wonders for backwards little countries like Hungaria.

Despite what you may have heard
Is totally not gay!

*Great Moment in Hungarian History, or The Greatest Moment?*Edit

The Greatest Moment in Hungarian history occurred when Budapest received the Stephen Colbert Bridge. On this day, Miklós Zrínyi learned that the reason it's called "Hungary" is because it's gonna Eat It!

Hungarian CultureEdit

Hungarians Eat Un-American Foods Edit

Hungarians eat goulash, which they call "Gulyás leves," and they put paprika on everything. Paprika is a red[4] pepper which is slightly more exotic than regular American pepper, but not dangerously[5] spicy like those immigrant peppers from South of the Border.[6] However, the Hungarian goulash is nothing like that canned cat-food smelling crap that your mom used to make you eat. It's more like what Americans call "stew." Since the Hungarians speak a funny language, they probably had not ever heard the word "stew" when they made up that "goulash" stuff, and so probably didn't realize that "goulashes" means "rainboots."[7]

DramaticQuestionMark Did you know...

Stephen Colbert is fluent in Hungarian, which he often demonstrates by pronouncing "Miklós Zrínyi" and "híd".

They do also eat other weird things like "Falusi húsleves" (ox-tail soup), and "Hideg Meggyleves" (cold cherry[8] soup), and Rantott sajt (fried cheese). Other than the fried cheese, their food seems to be mostly soup, and it is all terribly Un-American.

Hungarians make up for the Un-Americanness of their food by producing several good beers and a number of fine, cheap wines. Their national liquor is called "Pálinka," and it is a fruity (not in that way) schnapps. The best Pálinka is made from peaches[9], with one of the more famous brands being Fütyülős Barack.[10] Hungarian vodkas are intended for the "business drinker," and will not cause the liver cirrhosis if you limit yourself to one litre (in American, two liters) per day.

Hungarians Don't Talk American Edit

Hungarians, who don't speak American as their mother tongue, call themselves "Magyars." Believe it or not, it actually sounds manly when they say it. Even the women. That's probably because they are all descended from Attila the Hun. Or because they smoke a lot of unfiltered cigarettes. Dont forget it: nobody can to learn to speak the Magyar language!

All the Hungarian You Need To Know Edit

  • Sör = Beer
  • Egészségedre = Cheers
  • Bocsásson meg = Excuse me
  • Mi a neved? = What’s your name?
  • Szeretlek kicsim = I love you, baby.
  • Másnaposság = Hangover
  • Honnan származik? = Where did he come from?
  • jó reggelt. = Good morning.
  • Nem emlékszem... = I can't remember...
  • Mi a fenét csinálsz? = What the hell are you doing?
  • Fáj a fejem. = I have a headache
  • Vigyázz, medvét látok! = Look out, I see a bear!
  • Jaj, egy komp! - Oops, a ferry!
  • Kovács János - John Smith

Standard welcome: Kérem ne birizgálja a részecskegyorsítót = Please don't fool around with the particle accelerator

Hungarians Are Better Than FinnsEdit

The Hungarian language is part of a strange, orphaned language group whose only other European relative is Finnish (in another outpouring of European dullness, it was decided that this language family should be called the "Finno-Ugric group."[11]) Besides their linguistic similarities, the Magyars and the Finns are both virile, ass-kicking peoples - almost the only ones you'll find in Europe. However, if forced to, the Magyars could clearly take the Finns in a dockside brawl.[12] And while the Finns may be "wonderful people," as His Excellency, Ambassador András Simonyi recently noted on The Colbert Report, "Their guitar playing sucks."

If you doubt the superiority of Hungaria over Finland, consider the following:

Colbert Slurs Hungaria (Again) Scandal Edit

After having once famously insulted Hungarian national hero and asshole Miklós Zrínyi, Stephen Colbert recently outraged the Hungarian people again by releasing a string of ethnic slurs on the April 5, 2007 edition of his late night radio show Colbert on the ERT.

Describing the poorly-designed program for the NCAA Ladies Basketball Championship Tournament, Colbert merely happened to point out that the ridiculous program cover with a guitar replacing the "o" in "four" looked like something a Hungarian might have done. He went on to say something along the lines of exactly these words:

Flag quote open clear2
Those paprika-snorting goulies know nothing about the English language, or for that matter, about playing the guitar. The best guitar player they ever produced was Bela Bartok -- and that asshole played the piano.
Flag quote close clear2
The Colbert Report April 9, 2007

While this remark may have upset some of our friends in Hungary, being an American means living in a land of free speech (and never having to say you're sorry to Hungarians). Besides, "paprika-snorting goulies" is only a reference to the Magyaristic goulash-loving ways, and not to the fact that they eat their dead.

In a later interview with Matt Lauer, Stephen tried to downplay the growing scandal by explaining that his comments about the "Budapests" are really just part of a tempest in a bowl of Hideg Meggyleves.

Anti-Hungarian Hate Speech at DailyKos.comEdit

Flag commie quote open
Hungarians are dirty ghoulies who wash in peanut oil.
Heil healthcare!!!
Flag commie quote close
~ notstephencolbert August 15, 2007

The America-hating bloggers of have recently come under fire for encouraging anti-Hungarian hate speech in their internets blogs postings. Fortunately, veteran[13] newsdog Bill O'Reilly has been sniffing out the dirty deeds of the so-called "open, democratic community" of the reality-biased Kossacks; thanks to Papa Bear's tireless efforts, many of the Nazi tendencies of this blogoschtapo have come to light.

Stephen Colbert has furthered this campaign by revealing the personal efforts of DailyKos site founder and veteran[14] blogger Markos Moulitsas to malign Hungarians. Because someone (posting under the psuedonym "notstephencolbert") posted hateful comments about Hungarians, and because Markos is the site owner, by the transitive property of hate, it is obvious that Markos is a Hungarian hater.

Shame on you, Markos. Shame, shame, shame.

Famous HungariansEdit


Bela Bartok: One of the 20th Century's greatest composers and worst guitarists.

  • St. Stephen, first King of Hungary; named for Stephen Colbert.
  • Miklós Zrínyi, famous for being an asshole/ bridge cheater/ his own grandson.
  • Béla Bartók, famous composer; Hungary's best guitarist who was really a pianist.
  • teh guitar-making Benedek Brothers
  • Zoltán Kodály, another composer.
  • Ferenc Liszt, likewise.
  • Let's just say there were lots and lots of famous Hungarian composers, and leave it at that, okay?
  • Holy Roman Emperors, maybe some Popes, and other stuff.
  • A bunch of other people whose names I don't remember, but many of them have "Z" in them.
  • Magda Gabor, who was famous for having two famous sisters
  • Eva Gabor, famous for being on the TV show with that pig.[15]
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor, famous for slapping a pig in Beverly Hills.[16]
  • Gabor Csupo, famous for animating pigs.[17]
  • Vampires
  • Gypsies
  • Tony Curtis
  • Geza Vermes, Jew Testament expert.[18]
  • The guy who invented the Rubik's Cube[19]
  • Joseph Pulitzer, entrepreneur; Stephen-denying Prize creator; asshole.
  • Harry Houdini, magician and "spiritualist" debunker
  • Bela Lugosi, famous for playing a vampire.[20]
  • Mariska Hargitay, actress.[21]
  • John Popper, Libertarian, gun owner, and as famous as a harmonica player can get.
  • Tommy Ramone, rocker.[22]
  • George Pataki, former Republican Governor of New York, and hero in the days after September 11th.
  • András Simonyi, current Hungarian Ambassador to the U.S., frontman for "Coalition of the Willing," Friend of The Report, and a guy who can really shred on the guitar.

Hungarian TubesEdit

Josh purse medium
drives on the wrong side of the road, and carries a man purse.
Must be European.


  1. Bowing to factiness, it must be noted that the Stephen Colbert Híd will not "actually" be named the "Stephen Colbert" Híd. While the near-heroes of Hungaria almost named their bridge after Our Glorious Stephen, they were not able to complete their mission as Stephen did not fulfill the final contest criterion of being dead. While this minor deficiency could still be rectified, the Honorable Professor Dr. Colbert represents a shining light of truthiness in these dark and troubled times; as such, all parties concerned have agreed that, for the time being, such price exceeds the worth of said stupid bridge
  2. They did at least mix it up a bit by calling him "Szent Istvan" in Hungarian.
  3. Items #2-4 on this list almost tip the scales enough to cancel out Item #1.
  4. But not Communist red. American red.
  5. Legal Disclaimer: improper use of paprika can be dangerous.
  6. Hispanic countries, that is. Not the crappy "fun park" in South Carolina. Although it's probably a good idea to avoid food from that "South of the Border" as well.
  7. Honestly. Eating rainboots! Can you imagine?
  8. But sour cherries. Not sweet.
  9. South Carolina type. Not Georgia.
  10. No relation. That Barack is an effete, patrician, black American. This "Barack" is something different entirely.
  11. Alright, you caught me. Estonians are also in this group. But they didn't call it the "Finno-Ugric-Estonian" language group, now did they? Eat It, Estonia!
  12. This is all the more impressive when you consider that, unlike Finland, Hungaria is landlocked.
  13. Not in the "military" sense of the word.
  14. Actually that kind of "veteran".
  15. Unless she was the other one?
  16. Unless that was the other one, too. As the Hungarians say, "Any Gabor in a storm."
  17. As animation director/producer for numerous episodes of The Simpsons, and as creator of Rugrats, this is one Hungarian to whom America owes a great debt. He is also, in no uncertain terms, The Greatest Gabor - EVER.
  18. His "Z" is in the middle of his name.
  19. Unfortunately, the name associated with this cube's inventor has been forever lost to history.
  20. In reality, he was not undead - just a morphine addict.
  21. Her dad was Hungarian. So even though she's really an American, we're going to claim her. pre-owww.
  22. Born into the world as "Tamás Erdélyi," you almost can't blame "Tommy" for the derelict, sinful, hell-bent life he eventually adopted.

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