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I am Howard Krongard and my lawyer swears I'm not a

Howard answering questions at a congressional hearing into his work as Inspector General for the State Department

Howard J. "Cookie" Krongard is a dedicated supporter of the troops, working as the State Department's inspector general. He's also a close friend of Karl Rove, which totally repudiates the idea that he's involved in any shady dealings whatsoever.


Howard has provided Vice President Cheney with superb advice on contract negotiations in Iraq by keeping Democrats away from the financial information.

One of Howard's jobs was to investigate Blackwater, which he did, not because his brother is on the board of Blackwater, but because he does a fine job with any and every assignment he has ever been given. Besides, total access to Blackwater's files wasn't sufficient evidence for him to find out that his brother was on the board.

Krongard's actions have never resulted in a "dysfunctional office environment in which you routinely berate and belittle personnel, show contempt for the abilities of career government professionals and cause the staff to fear coming to work."

Furthermore, no one has ever told him that "your strong affinity with State Department leadership and your partisan political ties have led you to halt investigations, censor reports and refuse to cooperate with law enforcement agencies."[1]

"Cookie" didn't have to give a reason to recuse himself from any further investigations concerning Blackwater.

Yer doin' a heckuva job,

Notes that are trying to destroy AmericaEdit

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