Although video footage of Stephen falling and apparently breaking his wrist while pumping up the crowd for the July 25, 2007 edition of The Colbert Report exists, it should not be uploaded to The YouTube.

Stephen's AdmissionsEdit

  • wagging finger at IHOP
  • breaking up a gay wedding
  • pre-show audience pump-up (while listening to Beyonce's "Ring the Alarm")
  • fighting Illegal Aliens
  • on purpose (he hates the left that much)

Guesses From The HeroesEdit

  • Playing Tennis and slamming the ball a little too hard
  • (Ahem) "Exercising" his wrist by himself too much
  • Giving a hard "High Five" to the Heroes
  • Slapping Michael Moore across his fat-ass face for his heresy against The Greatest President
  • Trying to escape from the grasp of Helen Thomas
  • Wrestling Barry Manilow for the Emmy that is rightfully his

What People Signed On Stephen's CastEdit


Tony Snow gets to touch Stephen

  • Tony Snow: "Stephen, you rock, Tony, Your biggest fan."
  • Stephen, I can help you recuperate anytime, EHN.

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