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Lesson 1

Object of Lesson 1Edit

The object of this lesson is to make the student familiar with the essential termonology used in the lawmaking process.


This lesson will cover the language, or terminology, used in legal procedures.

The following words are essential to American law:

  • lobbyist
  • technicality
  • quorum
  • recess
  • exercise options
  • vote
  • block vote
  • extention
  • press conference
  • Sunday moring talk shows
  • letter-writing campaign
  • letter of the law
  • spirit of the law
  • talk radio
  • obedience


    Using an approved dictionary, find out what each word means, then create an index card for each word.
    On each card write the word in block letters.
    Underneath the word, write the definition.
    Memorize the definition for each word.
    Close your basement door, turn up the stereo, and remove all your clothes. Stand in front of a full-length mirror and recite each word as loudly as you can.
    Alternate: Recite your new vocabulary words in the shower.
    Use each of your new vocabulary words in conversations with friends and co-workers.
    Call Air America Radio and argue with the hippie who answers the phone using your new vocabulary words.


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