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"How A Bill Becomes A Law"
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How A Bill Becomes A Law
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This article is part of Jesus' Holy Educational Tube of The Internets and it will describe in complete detail the American law-making process.

Successful completion of this Internets Course qualifies the participant to Apostle-grade-level at all colleges in Jesus' College Trifecta:

Prerequisites Needed Before Taking This CourseEdit

  • voted Republican in every election
  • attend church every day
  • check for $250,000 US Dollars clears

You Do Not Need To Do The FollowingEdit

Some courses describe only what is needed prior to signing up for a course, but it is necessary to point out what criteria are not needed for this special course as well. These criteria are listed below:

  • ability to read
  • ability to comprehend what is read
  • any familiarity with "logic"
  • any familiarity with "history"

Objective of This CourseEdit

To learn the proper procedure for getting a law passed in the American Congress.

Materials Needed for Completing This CourseEdit

You will need the following materials to accompany the reading for this course:

  • The Holy Bible
  • an Internets-ready, born-again computer
  • one gallon of holy water
  • 4 crucifixes
  • an American Flag
  • crown of thorns
  • cat-o-nine tails
  • one hand


Please click here to go to the lessons.


When you have completed each lesson, there is a link for the test for that particular lesson.

Please submit your answers to your pastor each Sunday until you have completed all lessons.

Extra CreditEdit

For an in-depth instructional film on this subject, please visit this page.

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