gives aid and comfort to America's enemies. As A True American™,
it is your duty to report Hotmosexuals to the authorities.

Britney Spears and Madonna Ciccone. Kissing. Hott.


A Glamazon warrior and leader of the lezbian movement.

What Is The Definition of Hotmosexuals: Two Hawt ChicksEdit

Hotmosexual (hot noun )

  1. the hot kind of lesbian, the kind that appears after a few drinks

(syn. hot noun, lipstick lesbian)

Double Rainbow - Hollywood Style - UNCENSORED

Double Rainbow - Hollywood Style - UNCENSORED

Double Rainbow!!!

Why Do Hawt Girls Turn into Hotmosexuals: Is The Boobs, The Awesome Powah of The BoobsEdit


Is the boobs… it turns all straight girls into lesbos…

The Hotmosexual LifestyleEdit

Hawt Lesbian Scene!

Two lesbos doing the lesbian dance

Hotmosexual LiteratureEdit

Flag commie quote open
One morning, poor Suzie was minding her own business, touching up her makeup before homeroom. Then the bathroom door creaked open, revealing Ashley, a fellow junior Suzie had seen in passing but never spoken to before. Trailing a finger across her smooth rosy lips, Ashley walked into the room, noticing Suzie but not paying her much attention, angling for a stall.

Then she noticed Suzie had a vagina beneath those jeans, and Suzie noticed Ashley had a vagina beneath that skirt.

And then they pounced.

Flag commie quote close
~ From "The Hotmosexual Schoolgirls: Erotic Afterschool Lessons", Chapter 2. Page 76

“Lesbian Erotica” was 0.35 cents in the old days???

Lesbian College (or their first lesbo experience)Edit


All I am saying is at least let us watch!!

Hotmosexual FactsEdit


Hot Damn! Some Hotmosexual Action!!

  • Nobody knows how they make love; presumably it has something to do with holding hands and/or cuddling
  • 9 out of 10 lesbians enjoy being watched all the time, especially during showering and love-making. The other one just didn't mind.

Famous Hotmosexuals CouplesEdit

Sailor uranus and sailor neptune

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. Kissing “Cousins”

Hotmosexuals: Myth, Man's Ultimate Fantasy, Or Truthiness?Edit


The probabilities for this event to occur is one… in a BILLION!

See AlsoEdit


The Hotmosexuals Agenda! (Colbert aproves of this because they're just doing it to make us horny)

Galley sfa

"Monte, I think I'll take what's behind curtain number two."
Two hotmosexual Slutty Flight Attendants caught with Stephen in a meeting of The Mile High Club.

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Hotmosexuals are good for selling cars

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