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Hot cocoa
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Hot cocoa

Hot Cocoa was invented in 2007 by a 9th grader by the name of Steven K. Olbeart in Winchester, Old Jersey. He was cold. He liked chocolate. He hated Democrats, Republicans, and Independent presidents. So he made Hot Cocoa.

First he poured hot water into a cup full of pre-packaged, government-issued chocolate powder ("Gubment Chocolate"). Then he threw it at the government health officials.

Hot COCOA is short for H-ll, off that cr-p! Onto candied overweight assholes!

Some fat people take offense at the words Hot COCOA and simply say hot chocolate.

History UsesEdit

History has not actually shown us but some guy named Steev N. Kohlbear said that Hot Cocoa was used enjoyed in the cold war, presumably to comfort the skinny white boys that didn't need to have their fat frozen off.

Hot cocoa is enjoyed with the Boy Scouts.

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