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Three horses, their hair flying luxuriously in the wind as they run through snow.

The horse is a pack animal native to North America - specifically, the region of land now occupied by the United States of America. When Noah built his ark, he sailed to America to bring a pair of horses just like God had told him too. When he landed in modern-day Texas, he disembarked the horses, which then proceeded to copulate wildly to create a new American population of horses to replace those wiped out in the flood. Some of those horses crossed the bridge between Alaska and Russia, but some were kidnapped by the Europeans from Mongolia and forced into service hauling cheese wheels and being sodomized by the French.

Europes & HorsesEdit


One well-known European champion of horse rights was Napoleon Bonaparte, who used his horse to kill people (the way that God intended). Then the other Europeans persecuted him and gave him the stomach flu. Then he died and the horses in Europe continued to be viciously oppressed.

Arabs & HorsesEdit

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