Hello, Kitty
Hello, Hong Kong
Asian and very good at math.

Hong Kong is the smelliest place in the whole planet. Located somewhere in Asia. Known for its high quality Opium, delicious dumplings, hot chicks, Kung Fu Movies, Jackie Chan, and rubber dongs shaped like children's toys.

There has been a long love/hate relationship with Communist China-mostly due to the above exports.

Late at night in Hong Kong you can enjoy hot, half incubated chicken eggs served like mama used to make.

Tips For VisitorsEdit

Travelers' Alert: Hong Kong is notorious for cholera, tuberculosis, anthrax, SARS, child prostitution and high prices. Be sure to get your vaccines, and to visit your accountant, your priest and your wife before travelling.

All of Hong Kong knows Kung Fu, so watch your ass- they will kick you in yours before the lotus blossom hits the ground. Seriously, they spawned Bruce and Jet Lee/Li.

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