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The Holy Calendar is the calendar system created by God. His son Jesus Christ is the focus of the Calendar with year 1AD denoting his birth. [1] All years before the birth of Jesus Christ is known as BC for Before Christ. All years after the descend of Jesus Christ is known as AD for After Descend. [2]

Earth is about 6000 years old. Humans has heard The Word of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Bahaullah, and Colbert as well as witnessed the formation of Monotheism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Bahai, and Wikiality.

4th millennium BC Edit

18th March 3952BC to 31st December 3001BC

3rd millennium BC Edit

1st January 3000BC to 31st December 2001BC

2nd millennium BC Edit

1st January 2000BC to 31st December 1001BC

1st millennium BC Edit

1st January 1000BC to 31st December 1BC

1st millennium Edit

1st January 1AD to 31st December 1000AD

2nd millennium Edit

1st January 1001AD to 31st December 2000AD

3rd millennium Edit

1st January 2001AD to 31st December 3000AD

Footnotes Edit

  1. Because God invented zero after He invented Holy Calendar, birth of Jesus was not given year zero.
  2. Other Calendars, like the Holocene Calendar created by Humanist, Jewish Calendar created by Zionist and Islamic Calendar created by Islamist, are inaccurate.

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