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"Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
Is an essential component of's Internets Tube for Nerds
Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
has bad teeth and a funny accent because it is British.

The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a trilogy of five books by author Douglas Adams. It is a true story written after a time-traveling adventure Adams had in which he witnessed the destruction of Earth in the year 5042. The first book in the series How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days primarily details the ways in which Bill Clinton failed to prevent this from happening.

Now I know what you are thinking. "How can a trilogy have 5 books?" It is the simple truthiness that all trilogies by Douglas Adams have five books. If Adams had written Star Wars there would have been five (he would have never done Attack of the Clones). If Adams had done Lord of the Rings he would have done 5, but they would have been way badassier and not just three movies full of obvious butt-buddies walking around pointlessly. It would have had lesbians, Stephen Colbert, Jesus Christ, George W. Bush, Ann Coulter, and Bill O'Reilly beating the shit out of Michael Moore.

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