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Histori-docu-fictio-mentary is a termed coined by Dr. Stephen Colbert on his November 2, 2006 broadcast of the Colbert Report. The first installment of the histori-docu-fictio-mentary series, "The Path to 11/7: The "Macaca" Incident," featured the issue of racism, a very difficult issue for Dr. Colbert since he is clinically objective in perceiving the world, and thus unable to see race.

Documentary footage from Republican hero George Allen's 2006 Pennsylvania gubernatorial campaign against Democrat bear-hugger James Webb included docu-fictional shots of a dark-skinned man whom Allen referred to by the French racial epithet of "macaca" (literally meaning "my shit").

Another example of racism from the 2006 election campaign trail included a Republican radio ad with the voice of a Southern woman reminding people that it was the Republican Party that fought against slavery in the 1800s, not the Democratic Party.

In-studio guest P.K. Winsome, introduced as a black man, explained the benefits of being a token black man in the Republican Party such as business patronage from white Republicans, new-found friends with power, and political candidate opportunities for positions one had never heard of in places one never knew existed.

of Black Friends

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