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Hip-Hop War Of 2007

The "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People" Crowd The "Nothin' Wrong With Makin' A Buck Off Misery" Crowd
Winning Kanye West Loser Fiddy Cent
Some Ill Shit Shit Not Quite As Ill
Mike Myers' dignity sales for one record

The Hip-Hop War of 2007 was the battle between Kanye West and Fiddy Cent


Dr. Stephen Colbert reportsEpisode #317 on the first battle


The Day of ReckoningEdit

The AftermathEdit

World War 0  | World War I  | World War II  | World War III
The War of Northern Aggression  | Cold War  | Korean War  | Vietnam War
The French Revolution  | War of 1812  | American-Indian War  | American-Mexican War  | American-Spanish War
War On Terror  | Gulf War  | Operation Iraqi Freedom  | War On Iran
War On Christmas  | Easter Under Attack  | The War On The Fourth Of July  | War on Monkeys  | The Cola Wars  | War on The Free Market  | The War To Christmasize Israel  | War of The Internets Tubes  | War On Science
War On The Middle Class  | The War Against The Gayification of American Children  | War On Drugs  | War On Poverty

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