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The Middle School Presidency: Obama-kun Vs Hilary-chan (pardon the un-american language)

The Clinton campaign has uncovered thousands of documents from the Obama campaign that proves he is being influenced by many un-American forces in his attempt to ruin America.

If you were a former teacher of Mr. Hussein Obama, attended a class with him, or if you ever went through his trash, please post any suspicious or embarrassing paperwork you may have found therein.

The very future of America depends on it!


Obama in the Hitler Youth… That will be one summer he will never forget…

Barack Hussein Obama Elementary School EssaysEdit

Lil obama big with ahmoud

Even as a child Obama wanted to grow up just like his childhood hero Mahmoud Ahmadinachilhoodfriendjihad


  • I Want To Be President
  • Why Beheading Is An Appropriate Punishment For Stealing Crayons
  • Nap Time Is An Insult To Islam

1st GradeEdit

  • My Plan To Deny My Belief in Islam To Win The American Presidency
  • S is for Socialism

2nd GradeEdit

  • How Santa Claus Is In League With The Zionists

3rd GradeEdit

  • Of course I make straight A's in Math my people invented Algebra.

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