The Baby Jesus doesn't like
She's just a false goddess
but she's always making moves on The Baby Jesus' Daddy!
Psycho girlfriend

That is one piss off goddess…


The wonders of industrial make-up

Hera is the wife of Zeus and one crazy lady! She is known for being a vengeful woman, scornful of all cheating husbands, and hater of hussies! In other words: a Psycho Jealous Freak... Take my advice, do not anger her! You dont like it when she is angry!

Hera is the sister of She-Hulk.

Hera: America's Psycho LadyEdit


Dont get mad, get even...

Hera's Scorn Causes World War IEdit

Hera, not Katrina, Was the Cause for New Orleans' FloodingEdit

Nowak astronaut

Hera without her make-up

Her Only Redeeming QualityEdit

Hera is the Greek Republican Goddess of Real Heterosexual Marriage...

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