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Can you tell the difference?

Heavy Metal is a neutral genre of music, which is to say the music made by those who belong in this genre (or any of it's sub-genres) can either be on Stephens' side or on the side of the Baby Satan.

There are many "Gods" of Heavy Metal; one of those who is undisputed would be the members of the unamerican band Judas Priest. Judas Priest is NOT on the side of the Baby Satan.

Judas Priest 8

The frontman of Judas Priest, therefore a Metal God, Rob Halford‎

There are so many ways to make The Baby Jesus' ears bleed, please choose which one:

Heavy Metal Does have a lighter side and not all of it is evil. Only Extremist christians would beleive that.... Oops, that's almost ALL christians! to those few Christians who know the difference between Satanic music and Heavy Metal: ROCK ON!

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