Heather (from card services)
is a "Certified Chick!"
You Go Girl!

Heather outside of the Fawn Springs Dr. telemarketing facility taking a smoke break.

Heather is a young, American gal just trying to work her way through college. She found a job with "Financial Freedom Corporation of America (FFCA)" (of Tampa Florida) that helps her pay the bills, while keeping her schedule flexible enough to take her full load of classes and have fun with her friends after school and on the weekends.

Heather says she doesn't mind the moral conflict working for a company that promotes predatory credit cards as long as she can keep herself in the latest shoe and t-shirt fashions.

Heather is considering starting a MySpace page (she's already on Facebook) because she loves making new friends.

She says until she does, everyone is welcome to contact her through her employers:

Heather's telemarketing company The credit card company that hired Heather's telemarketing firm
Financial Freedom Corporation of America

13405 Fawn Springs Drive
Tampa, FL 33626


Easy Financial Solutions

(This is actually a Mailbox Service, at 228 Park Ave South.) (So obviously, the suite number, is the mailbox number)

228 Park Avenue South Suite 22280
New York NY 10003
Phone Number: (888)262-3331
Fax Number: (888)262-2947
Website: EZFinancial

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