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The following information on
has been brought to you by the medical research laboratories of
Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.
Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Healthkidah-nejad is a terrorist.

This man wants us to be immortal, We can't be Jesus, Sir! He's The Healthkidah Leader that goes around setting up Healthkidah training cells around the world


A Healthkidah Training Camp Seen Here

The Healthkidah are a group of Blame Ignorance Firsters who wants us to live forever. They are usually Liberals who come up with all types of medicines, books, magic pills, quick fixes, thereapy, tofu, innovative groundbreaking discoveries, herbs, and machines to prevent us from aging, losing our hair or our minds. They will stop at nothing to find ways to keep us living longer and ways for us to not get sick and just die. They are a threat to our great country because we all have to die so that Jesus can put more product on the market.

Healthkidah Operatives Edit


A follower of Healthkidah

  • Oprah's Personal Trainer
  • Anti-Smoking Ads
  • Anti-drug Ads
  • Joan Rivers
  • Health Food Makers, Junk Food is suppose to be unhealthy and tastey so we can eat it and die
  • Bored Sadist at the CDC
  • Dr. Bill Frist (The Late Terri Schiavo's Physician in the Senate)- That man is powerful, he can make a diagnosis via videotape

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