This is an article about the American form of market-based health care. For the the Socialistic form, click here

Health Care
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Silly socialists and their silly liberal ideas…

Health care is a privilege, not a right. That is why it is only available to Premium Citizens, who can afford it. Because America is a capitalist nation, out health care system is for profit. For profit health care is exactly that: for profit! People who can't afford health shouldn't just get it for free. All Republicans, including the Greatest President Ever, knows this is the only way to run a health care system. Democrats, on the other hand, hold the Communist notion that all Americans deserve health care coverage.

Who's to Blame for America's Poor Health Care System?Edit

Even the Greatest President Ever agrees that America's health care system could be better. But he knows exactly what is wrong with it, too. (See also: his speech)



Doctor Obama prescribes two Marxist placebo pills and plenty of fluids to cure you of the Capitaliz disease…

The Democrats want to turn America into France or Canada and institute Socialized Medicine. They force regulation down our throats in the name of "keeping us safe." They also block all Republican effort to allow the free market to work as it was intended.


Our President lays a large portion of the blame on doctors. Specifically their bad handwriting, which leads to incorrect or unnecessary treatment, and extra medical costs. This probably accounts for close to 50% of all superfluous medical costs.

Also, doctors are always orderings "tests" and "medicine" for "Boobs"!


Yes you. Because our President says so. Americans file so many frivolous lawsuits against doctors that medical malpractice insurance companies are forced to either raise their rates or allow their enormous profits to decrease. These lawsuits account for probably close to another 50% of all unnecessary medical costs.

Michael MooreEdit

Michael Moore and his movie Sicko are close to destroying America's last bit of faith in the health care system. As a guest on The Report, Moore admitted that he is an opponent of the free market and that he believes medicine should not be affected by the motivation for profit. His arguments are irrelevant because he obviously hates America so much.

The Greatest President Ever Speaks About Health CareEdit

Bush on Health Care It's all your fault!08:20

Bush on Health Care It's all your fault!


Watch George W. Bush speak to Real Americans about health care in an open, honest, and completely non-misleading way:


We have compounded a list of 10 likely scenarios if Obamacare were to pass, we call it 10 Worst Things That Would Happen If Obamacare Passes

Real American Hero Kenneth Gladney The Uninsured "The Activist"Edit

Private Insurance Secret Plan to Stop SocialismEdit


Rep. Jenkins Laughs at Uninsured Single Mother, Son

Real Americans demand the stop of Socialized Medicine

Update: New Free Market Health Care Reform on Its Way!Edit

Thanks to the now reformed Senator Max Baucus we shall see a truly free market health care system!

We are sure the Free Market Health Care reforms will save many lives!

  • Elimination of Anti-trust Laws, this idea is supported by Congressman Ron Paul and we love it! This way companies will become so big that there will tons of money to buy new mansions use in healing the rest of America!
  • People die not because of lack of ensure, but lack of efficiency in the system to quickly get them insurance. We just need to replace a much faster and efficient system to cover everyone in America, the Free Market will fix it all!

Obama's New Communist Agenda: Trustbusters!Edit

Obama created a team of four Labcoat Larrys to destroys America's Health Care so it can be replaced with their Socialized Medicine. No CEO is safe, no Private Health Insurance is safe as long as these commie hippies are on the loose... they are the Trustbusters!


♫♪If there's somethin' strange with your Insurance Bill

Who ya gonna call (Trustbusters)

If it's somethin' sick an they won't pay

Who ya gonna call (Trustbusters)♫♪

♫♪I ain't afraid a no CEO

I ain't afraid a no CEO

If you're seein' bankruptcy runnin' thru your head

Who can you call (Trustbusters)

A Lobbyist man sleepin' in your Congressman’s bed

Oh who ya gonna call (Trustbusters)

I ain't afraid a no CEO

I ain't afraid a no CEO

Who ya gonna call (Trustbusters)

If you're all sick pick up the phone

An call (Trustbusters)♫♪

♫♪I ain't afraid a no CEO

I hear it likes high premiums

I ain't afraid a no CEO

Who you gonna call (Trustbusters)

Mm…if you've had a dose

Of a freaky acne and skin rash

You better call Trustbusters

Bustin' makes me feel good

I ain't afraid a no CEOs♫♪

♫♪Don't get sick alone oh no…Trustbuster

When he comes through your door

Unless you've just got coverage

I think you better call Trustbusters

Ooh... who you gonna call (Trustbusters)

Who you gonna call (Trustbusters)

Ah, I think you better call (Trustbusters)♫♪

♫♪I can't hear you…(Trustbusters)

Who you gonna call (Trustbusters)

Louder Trustbusters

Who you gonna call (Trustbusters)

Who you can call Trustbusters…(till fade)♫♪

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