he-man or (he likes man up the bum) is like a homosexual version of thor. Even when he is riding a ferocious tiger he looks like a real pussy in his loin cloth or his redish brown undies his greates enemy is evil lyn, a lesbian who makes all gays feel bad. as you probably know gays are usually racist. He man was a member of the kkk for 25 years, a gold member. I know what your thinking "I thought gays couldnt have godly powers", and you'd be wrong. He-man converted to satanism as a boy so he could have a lame sword and an axe.


As a henchman of satan He-man's diet is stricktly cow turds and orphans although scince he is verry self concious about his weight he sometines enjoys the occasional elderly couple. as they are 90% hot gas.

he mans ex's

  • Justir Beiben

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