"Have A Safe Trip, Stephen!"
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"Have A Safe Trip, Stephen!"
is for the kids!

Have A Safe Trip, Stephen! is a new opportunity for The Heroes to show Stephen how much we appreciate everything he does, especially when he does something for our troops.

During the May 14, 2009 episodeEpisode #558 of "The Colbert Report" Dr. Colbert showed some pictures drawn by children who have benefited from the Donors Choose program supported by The Colbert Nation.'s editor heroes are asked to post their kid's pictures wishing Stephen a safe trip to the Persian Gulf.


Click here to add a new children's drawing.

Post Children's Drawings BelowEdit

Save Us Stephen! Edit


Stephen Saves The Persian Gulf from terrorists! Drawn by WatchTV, Jr. from Los Angeles, California!

Stephen Saves America!Edit

Colbert I-Win

Stephen saves America from evil Mooslims! Drawn by Apolonito del Sol, from Bogota, Colombia!

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