Hater means a person who has strong feelings of dislike towards a particular person, group, or subject.

The term "hater" comes from the compound word "hatwearer." Ugly hatwearers used to become very angry when made fun of by non-hatwearers. Some speak the term in reference of jealousy.

"She's a hater." Meaning, she's jealous of me. In which case, it only goes to reinforce the prior referenced etymology: Ugly hatwearers were jealous of non-hatwearers.

Stephen Colbert is a non-hatwearer. His "tip of the hat" is a sign of taking off the ugly hat, as he is revealing to the world the ugliness of bears and the like.

Others however deny that "hater" connotes jealousy. This can be further examined at websites such as these [1]Urban Dictionary [2] Yahoo! Answers

The general suggestion is that you go with 'hatwearer' and 'dislike of a particular entity'.

Short abbreiation, Bitches That talk pure fuckery,And say shit!


The current usage of the word "hater" is not by any means a way to diminish actual hate, as some have posited. Using the wor d"hater" in modern times is a way to show hipness or coolness, and nothing more.

is a part of's dictionary, "Watch What You Say". For the full dictionary, click here.

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