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Harvard is a University where liberals send their children because they don't love them. Although it may pride itself on its Ivy-league snobinista roster of "success story" graduates, Harvard has also turned out the occasional good egg.

Case in point: Papa Bear!

Case in point #2: The Greatest President - EVER!

So even though Harvard is a godless, bear-loving, science-promoting sinstitution of higher book-learning, it does occasionally do some things right.

Mostly, though, Harvard does wrong, untruthy, bad things.

One particularly stupid, terrorist-helping thing that Harvard did recently was to allow their former President Lawrence Summers to resign after a bunch of lady scientists got their respective panties in a collective wad. The whole kerfuffle started when Summers truthily revealed that the ladies may just naturally not be as smart as men. Well, sorry gals: the truth hurts. Nevertheirregardless, the Femi-nazis and Communists raised a big stink, causing the loss of Summers's job and a little something called the hopes, dreams and dignity of Harvard and America.

Fortunately for Harvard and America, a savior was waiting in the wings to rise again from the dust of the ashes of this horrible fiery incident of flaming humiliation and defeatery. This case in point, again, came in the form of Our Glorious Professor Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, who came to teach the idiot savant children at the Harvard's Kennedy School of Government's Institute of Politics all about truthiness, justice, and the American way.

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