'Drunk or not I can still kick your ass Sanderson.'


'Holy Cow! No more beer!?!?!'


Caray at work (1988).


Caray mistakes Hillary Clinton for a glass of Budweiser and attempts to drink her (1986).

Harry Caray, born Harry Christopher Carabina (March 1, 1914 – February 18, 1998), was the best American baseball broadcaster ever on radio and television. He covered four MLB teams beginning with a long tenure calling the games of the St. Louis Cardinals, then the Oakland A's (for one year), the Chicago White Sox (for eleven years), before ending his career as the announcer for the Chicago Cubs. Caray created the expression 'Holy Cow!' to avoid accidently using profanity on the air. Funny or not, if you yell out 'Holy Shit!' enough while broadcasting people may question your ability to hold your booze and get the job done. Over the course of his career Caray became a great role model for functional inebriates everywhere.

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