Hard Work is like porn, in that you know it when you see it.

What is Hard WorkEdit


A sampling of Hard Working Americans: from left, Construction Worker, Indian Casino Employee, Sailor, Policeman, Textile Worker and the hardest working man in show business: Toby Keith.

Hard Work seems easy to define, but it isn't really. Does Hard Work require sweating? Maybe. Sometimes. Does Hard Work require thinking? Probably not. Most definately NOT!

Hard work is something most people cannot do. And right now, most people aren't doing hard work. For example, what are you doing right now? If you aren't doing Hard Work, then you are helping the terrorists.

Kinds of Hard WorkEdit

When performing Hard Work, the level of exertion is the same, no matter the job, or the circumstance. Each of the jobs listed below are equally hard, and equally important to Keeping America Safe.

  • Policeman
  • President (Republican)
  • Soldier
  • Chickenhawk
  • Fireman
  • Doctor
  • Praying
  • Keeping America Safe
  • testifying before Congress
  • reforming perfectly legal and operationally sound government agencies
  • Spinning (both the exercise and the verbal, news adjustment kind)
  • Listening to poor people talk about themselves
  • Doing Photo-ops
  • Doing Press Conferences with Helen Thomas

Who Does Hard WorkEdit

People who do Hard Work are called "Hard Workers". The Greatest President does Hard Work. He clears brush; he does international stuff with people who don't speak English (that even sounds hard). In fact, The Greatest President's entire staff and cabinet, not to mention his whole family, does Hard Work--all the time. It's in their genes, not that mentioning science is necessary, but it's true. The entire Bush family are Hard Workers. As are every Republican. Right now, every Republican is doing Hard Work. You might not realize it, maybe you won't see it, but they are; just ask one.

Who Doesn't Do Hard Work?Edit

Fee Fie Fo Fum...I Smell Liberal Scum.
"Hard Work" is tainted with liberal filth.
Conservative-up this article and make Dr.Colbert and America proud.

A healthy nervous system, probably from a Democrat

Republicans. Conservatives. People who hate standing for what is right . Ignorant people.

If you look at the official, medical diagram (at right) you will see a typical Democrat nervous system which contains all the necessary components to perform Hard Work, including, Brain Balls. In a conservative brain, there would be no Brain Balls preventing a conservative from Staying the Course. Also, in the conservative brain, the Vulcan Nerve Pinch Areas would be pronounced and actually protruding through the skin allowing for easy fainting.

These features explain why the conservatives are ignorant.

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