If you do not already know how to make a card, please follow the instructions below.

Any abuse will result in banning.

To post your birthday card for America click here

How to write a birthday card for America

  • choose a card from the selection below
  • type in the code:
    {{abdaycard#|type your message<br>for America here}},
    where "#" is the number of the card below
    and the "<br>" will start a new line
  • in the space provided, type your message for America

{{abdaycard2|Heckuva Job America!<br>You're the best,<br>[[The Greatest President Ever]]}}

Gives you:


Heckuva Job America!
You're the best,
The Greatest President Ever

Card SamplesEdit

To post your birthday card for America click here

If none of this makes sense, please ask someone for assistance.

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