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Mat K.Edit


Happy Birthday Stephen! Keep up the funny!



Hey Stephen, your glass is half empty... but that's OK, because mine is half full. So you're set. Happy Birthday. PS: Mike Gravel. (That was a sentence, because I say it is.)

Nancy C.Edit


You're the best! -Nancy C.

Adam E.Edit


Happy Birthday America! Now I know that since you have had a birthday, I can have one too.

Happy BirthdayEdit


Happy Birthday you old fart you. Oh, and don't forget to tell Mike Gravel Happy Birthday too. Respect your elders...

John DEdit


Happy Birthday Stephen! Let's also wish Senator Gravel Happy BDay as well. You're both old farts, but America truly loves both of you! -John Dunkerley, lead singer of Bliss in Casper, Wy

Karen S.Edit


Happy Birthday, Truthfully truthiness-ed Excellency The Most Honorable Professor Sir Dr. Stephen Tiberius "C-Train" Colbert, Esquire, D.F.A., SC, America's Newsman, Star Commander of the Order of Colbert, and Greatest Living American! You are an American hero and god of comedy. I love you! -Karen S.

Jenny K.Edit


Happy Birthday Stephen. I love you!!!

Thanks for all of the laughter you have given us. You are truly a joy machine. - Jenny K. (VA's fightin' 10th)

P.S. I don't go to prostitutes.

Happy Birthday, Stephen!Edit


America doesn't need Rain when we have your golden showers!--J.J.

Nick and CurrieEdit


Your The Most Awesomest truthiness person ever,
and for saying that i think i have truthiness too!! -Nick The Awesome, but not as awesome as you, Currie

Carolyn From TexasEdit


Happy Birthday Steve from Carolyn in TX

Midnight RendezvousEdit


We can make our night in St. Louis last another week -D.B.

Hucka-birthday To You!Edit


For all you and your bump have done for me, the least I could do is recommend John make you his V.P. -Mike Huckabee

From A Fellow Patriot!Edit


Happy Birthday Stephen!
Truthiness wrapped in Patriotism!

From William B.Edit


Have a Happy Birthday, and So Can You! -William B

Stacy S.Edit


Happy Birthday Stephen-you share it with another great American-Senator Mike Gravel! -Stacy Standley



Happy Birthday Stephen!

The Colbert Nation rejoices that you exist!
Live long and may your truth ring like the Liberty Bell.

Cheers - Vigwig

New CardEdit


Happy Birthday Stephen! To the man who don't let no Rain on his parade. Happy birthday! Gabrielle

Happy Birthday Stephen!Edit


Happy Birthday Stephen! If President Bush doesn't have a hot dog with you NOW, don't worry. I've got connections. -Lissa

Joyeux Anniversaire, et Laissez Les Bons Temps Roulez!Edit


birthday + you = yes.Edit


Happy-fricking-birthday! I'm not sure why there's an elephant on this card, but I DO know that it's pretty adorable. And so are you. But not in an elephant way. It's unfortunate that I'm not being very eloquent, right now, but, frankly, I'm not so sure why this day isn't a national holiday. I baked a wrist-strong bracelet into the cake that I made for you. Unfortunately, it was not as delicious as I had hoped. Anyway, congratulations on yet another year of awesomeness. -EmilyLouise

Happy Birthday Stevie!Edit


Happy birthday Stephen! Keep America safe! -from William Buckingham

Happy Birthday All Things AwesomeEdit


The Ninja clans send you their wishes. And don't worry, we will kill all of those friggn' bears and liberals for you. -a friend

We Share A Birthday!Edit


# LIKE OMG its your birthday, guess what...It's mine too!! Do you know what that means, I share a birthday with freakin Stephen Colbert!! Happy birthday, you should have my baby, you know why, because I'm going to vote for you as president that's why. Betch!



# It's Coblert's BIRTHDAY!! Thanks for givin' us the lowdown on the threats of the nation, contributing to your awesome establishment of Truthiness, and, of course, your awesome segment with Rain. RAAAAAAAAIIINN!!! Anyways, happy birthday, and that's the truthiness. P.S. Isn't he just adorable? -Tommy

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