is a happenin' Jewish ritual!
L'Chaim, baby!

Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday copied from Christmas.

The Story of HanukkahEdit

Once, the Elders of Zion were meeting to decide how to divide up Hollywood. They realized they only had enough Lox and Bagels to last one day. However, being cheap Jews, they made the food last nine days! As George W. Bush has brilliantly noted, Hanukkah has not yet reached Afghanistan, so Osama bin Laden does not know its joys.

Jews Riding The Baby Jesus' CoattailsEdit

New York Jews claim they were attacked on a subway after wishing everyone "Happy Hanukkah".

Hey, Jews! Don't wish people "Happy Hanukkah" when it's clearly Christmas time!

The attackers actually brought to light a little-known fact about Hanukkah:

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