Hans Blix
is one of the things they don't want you to know about.
Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Hans Blix-nejad is a terrorist.
Not quite girlie, not quite man,
Hans Blix
is all Girlieman.

When the UN wants to scare sovereign, law-abiding nations into their way of thinking, they will compose sternly written letters, which they call "resolutions". When these "resolutions" fail--and they always do--the UN will send what is called an "envoy" (a non-working celebrity) to the country in an attempt to bore everyone to death. If this fails, the UN has no other options left, but the nucular one in a last ditch attempt to frighten the remaining citizens (who were not adopted by the "envoy") into straightening out.

The UN will then summon the Bogeyman of Diplomacy, Hans Blix.

The Legend of The Terrifying HansblixEdit

The last time liberals summoned the UN's most terrifying beast, America had been planning to liberate the Iraqi people. Saddam Hussein was still in power and had threatened to ravage America's innocence. Only America's bravest had the courage to see what needed to be done: take out the biggest immediate threat to America's security and replace him with a government and society as peaceful, law-abiding and free as America herself. And soon a plan was set in motion.

The UN on the other hand had other ideas. The UN wanted America to follow an old-fashioned, set of protocols, which would only serve to embolden America's enemies and gay-up the entire region.

There was not one Mooslim who agreed with the UN, setting the stage for a grande face-off.

No Man Has Survived The Terrifying HansblixEdit

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