is something African and thus may or may not be real,
not to pretend that you really care either way. Come on - it's Africa.

Hannibal, consumer of human flesh, great leader of Carthage, 15th Vice President of the United States of America, and the sixth Malcolm.

Hannibal was a general of Carthage. He also ate people. Hannibal was known for being able to defeat the Roman Empire by using elephants to cross the Italian Alps to enter Roman territory. This was only possible to the rapid increase in the elephant population, which was predicated in advance by Stephen Colbert in August 2006.

During the Civil War, Hannibal was the Vice President of the United States of America under Abraham Lincoln while using the alias Hannibal Hamlin. He left the District of Columbia more out of boredom than anything else after the war ended.

In another bizarre twist, Hannibal was the Malcolm for slightly less than an hour prior to his death at the hands of Schipio.

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