ACHTUNG! Hannah Montana
needs "special treatment" to be
cleansed of its Untergrammatik
Hannah Montana
is a CELEBRITY! Oh. My. God.
Beer gut
Hannah Montana
is a drunk.

Hannah Montana is a crazy liberal commie pinko. She is the daughter of Hillary Clinton and Joseph Stalin. Her songs are all liberal commie brainwash. Hannah Montana is part of the vast left-wing conspiracy. She also has sex with bears. She LOVES her family. "I mean, love is sex right? Me and my daddy and brother have one heck of a threesome" quote Hannah Montana.

second opinionEdit

Hannah Montannah is a disney-sponsered failure. Every single song she has ever written sucks, but the bears added subliminal messages, which is the sole cause of her popularity with young childeren (like michael jackson ). As one grows older, they become naturally immune to the bear's secret messages, thus they loose their ability to affect adults. This may also be a sign that disney supports bears, and plans to side with the colbear in the bear uprising of 2012. To help humanity defeat the evil bears, everyone must do whatever they can to assist the council of doom and colbert when the bears attack. For more information, see the "see also" section below.


At the tender age of 15, she will be writing her memoirs.


She claims that all children are her kids but she is only 15 and you are still a kid until you are 18. Therfore she had millions of children before she was born. Anyone who reads this may be immature and therefore is a kid. Don't you feel so dirty now? This entire situation is due to her father and his attempts with about 200000000 other women before he found one that only had celeberties (Ali Gore)

see alsoEdit

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