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Is an essential component of's Internets Tube for Nerds

Halo is an interactive combat simulator that is geared towards teaching children how to fight, specifically against bears. Using a variety of weapons, children can learn the tactics and weapons knowledge they need to wage war on beardom.

Chuck Norris invented Halo

Bears Edit


a liberal (left) and a bear (right)

Chuck Norris is the leader of Bear killers Inc.

Master Chief Edit

Master Chef

Master Chief showing his true colors as Master Chef


Master Chief showing his true identity

Master Chief is not a real human, in fact he is a real liberal and wishes to dick-tate everyone. In his own fancy way making everyone wear dresses! Only reason why he would do this is to look badass even though he is wearing the color green which represents weed. The weed in fact is supplied by all the his liberal minions and not to be underestimated, because they have the "rings" or the so called "S.O.Bs." (which stands for Son's of Bush) So where all doomed basically if his mom finds out.

Thats why Master Chief has a super A.I. or A.K.A. is ho that tells him what to do! So basically it is his mother! and no one likes that at all.

1.) He enjoys killing for fun, mainly little weak hopeless kids!

2.) Loves eating cookies on free time with Cookie Monster.

3.) Then at the end of day, masturbates to his favorite porn.

Norris Weapons Edit

  • Rocket Launcher (good for making bear soup)
  • Chuck norris' Round house kick to the face-- thats right I went there
  • Doubble pronged light saber (used to gouge out the eyes of the giant furry hell spawn)
  • A-bombs (the A stands for ass kicking!)

The Enemy Edit

The so called "Enemy" is basically bunch of people who just hate the color red white and blue. So the only way to kill them is by bright colors or blondes, which both work! These people call them selfs the K.C.K (Killer Cunt Kickers!)

Enemy Units Edit

Anyone that Senor Norris does not approve of.

  • The "flood"
  • Bears
  • liberals
  • Osama Binladen
  • People who talk in movie theaters

The Flood Edit

Another force at work in the games is the "Flood". The Flood represents AIDS, which will eventually evolve to become a living, breathing parasitic orgasm. The leader of the floods is Sean, he seduces foreigns into his car to do the dirty work. AIDS isn't an STD anymore.


an AIDS zombie

Best International Halo Warriors Edit

  • Jesus
  • ZZanaZZ
  • Mop Head-aka Michael
  • Aero
  • GodGivinVizion
  • 711NATRAPS


See AlsoEdit

  • Halopedia, the Wikia devoted to teaching children battle tactics

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