is an essential part of's Tube of
Liberal Denial of The Existence of God
God doesn't talk to just anyone. Often, when God needs special things done, He will use His special communications tube to talk to His special people.

"Hallucination" is a derrogatory word created by factonistas to deny the existence of God and His special talking tube.


There are special kinds of doctors, called psychiatrists, who specialize in a special field of "psychiatry" and their entire reason for living is to hurt The Baby Jesus by denying the existence of God, His talking tube and the special people who can only hear Our Lord's Special Talking Tube.

For this, they will be going to hell.

No God-fearing, American-loving American would ever believe or listen or read any such nonsense. However, for the sake of this article, has compiled a list from these godless sodomites to show how they mock and scorn True Americans.

Below is a brief primer on "Hallucinations".

Types of "Hallucinations"Edit

  • olfactory (smelling)
  • gustatory (sense of taste)
  • audible
    • singing choirs
    • dogs who call for the death of neighbors
  • visual
    • lilliputian (things seem smaller)
    • lilliliberalism (things seem bigger, like bringing democracy to Iraq)
    • hypnagogic (vivid dreamlike hallucination at the onset of sleep)
    • hypnopompic (vivid dreamlike hallucination on awakening)
  • physical
    • kinesthetic (sense of bodily movement)
    • somatic (physical experience occurring with the body)
    • tactile (involving the sense of touch)
  • dementia (the opposite of what Ronald Reagan had after he gutted California's mental health system)

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