The Baby Satan has a special place in hell for
and YOU just for visiting this internets tube!
Al Franken
Halloween has earned
For Halloween-related games, go to Costume Ideas, Design's Haunted House or Rename Halloween.

The forced abortions of Christian jack-o-lanterns is a popular custom practiced by lesbian pagans during Halloween

Halloween or All Hallows' Eve is an evil unholiday designed by godless bears and mainly celebrated by neo-pagans and homosexuals in order for them to hide themselves with costume, walk amongst us unnoticed, monitor our every behavior, and eat our sweet American candy. Halloween is Satan's birthday. The correct Christian dogmatic term for it is the Eve Before All Saints' Day. Halloween should also be recognized as a socialist holiday since it teaches our kids about equal distribution of candy through banging on peoples door's for candy instead receiving their candy through patriotic means such as capitalism.Unfortunautly, Halloween was removed from Pakistan because they took away the Ghandi.


On the October 31, 2005 edition of The Colbert Report, Stephen gloriously declared Halloween a better holiday than Ramadan, resulting in a fatwa being issued against him. At the time, he had gone with the sweet truthiness of his gut which was full of sweet candy; so two days later, on November 2, 2005, while under sugar-withdrawal, Stephen reversed himself to declare Ramadan better than Halloween.




The barrier between the world of the living and the world of the dead is thinniest during the All Hallows' Eve and All Saints' Day. Bears organized the unholy spirits to travel to the living world on the eve of this unholiday to bring havoc, crate carnage, and play tricks on good Christians. Jesus organized the holy spirits to wait for the next day, which is the holiday of All Saints' Day, to travel over to bless good Christians.


Halloween costumes are lies that you wear.Episode #330

In recent years, the range of costumes for women has expanded and there are now plenty of empowered slutty choices for them, from slutty nurse to slutty hazmat technician.

New Costumes on Sale Now!

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