makes The Baby Jesus and America cry,
and should be treated with caution contempt!


HOTDARP stands for "Hair of the Dog Assistance Recovery Program. It is a financial rescue program which functions on the economic principle that another bottle of whiskey will cure your hangover. (ie A Hair of the Dog what bit you.)

The Greatest President, having stated that "Wall Street got drunk" on an overabundance of free credit, has in his infinite wisdom, injected $800 billion of free credit in order to cure the Credit Crunch and subsequent Crisis.

At the International Economy Awards, presented every 10 years by the G15, Esteban Colberto and The Greatest President won a joint award for their stunning application of the new HOTDARP theory to their respective economies. This move was applauded by Hedge Fund managers, Gorlock, Ted Kennedy, the Bears, and many other enemies of freedom. It is only a coincidence that HOTDARP is the primary operating principle of Bernard Madoff's financial investments, and the comittee ruled that since he got caught, he was not eligible for the award.

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One more bottle of whiskey in the morning always worked for me! After all, a drunk market is better than a hungover one...
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~ Esteban Colberto and his team of "Mexican" crack economists
Premios de la Economia 2008 (translated)

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HOTDARP is hot!
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~ Paris Hilton and her Chihuahua

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